About Us

About Kidra

At Kidra, we are committed to making the world a healthy place to live. With a wholesome range of food products, we strive to bring the healthiest Organic Food Products and other foods to the customers – the same quality food we serve to our family. We offer a huge collection of branded food products as well as other Fast-moving consumer goods. We are dealing in products under the following products across categories like Kidra Rice, Kidra Dates, Kidra Quinoa, Pulses, Riston Tea etc…

We do everything to search for and stocking brand name products from every corner of the USA. Our main function is to negotiate and purchase goods at the most competitive rates to provide our customers worldwide with more aggressive pricing, quality service and timely delivery than our competition.

Branded Products:
  • Agriculture & TV Box
  • BLACK TEA and many more…

Our Team

Meet Our Alkidra Group Members!!

Mr.Mahmoud Abdulfattah Alkidra

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